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Default The MacBook Report

Hi all,
I began this thread to mark a milestone for me.
It was three years ago that I bought my MacBook computer.

During these past three years, I have used this computer an average of four hours a day.
I have taken it to work with me everyday in a dirty automotive repair shop.
I have dropped it from my workbench at work
I have used it next to my drum kit at gigs and practice.
This computer goes wherever I go.
This machine has never had a mishap of any kind!
It has locked up now and then because of my stupidity, But I was always able to quickly snap it back into shape with a simple reboot.

I have very limited knowledge of computers, So this has nothing to do with me!

I have used this computer so much that the plastic where my palms rest is worn away at the edges where the top section meets the bottom section.

I've had four non Apple computers before this one. None of them have ever gone more than a few months before I started having problems with them that simply frustrated me enough to stop using them.

Do any of you have similar stories to tell about your Mac?
I have decided that I am going to continue to use this computer until smoke bellows from its guts!

Who here has the oldest Apple computer that is still in use?
How old is it?
I kind of like old drums:)

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