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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by Homeularis View Post
Hey DW fans. I just saw a new 4 piece DW Collecters Series in Silver Sparkle wrap at a little local music store going for $1,675.00.
Drums only, No snare,no hardware,virgin kick,and no tom mounts.
Still this seems to be a very good price.
The kit was made in 2005 so they obviously have been sitting there for 5 years.
Have they changed at all since 05?. Are the 2010s any different?.
What kind of wood did they make these kits in?. Maple,Birch, the badges dont say.
Can anyone with good knowledge of these kits tell me if this is a good or great deal?.
Should I jump on it?.

That seems to be a decent deal. They might even knock off more if they have had it that long. The shells are probably maple but you should ask the shop. The badges may have changed since then but I don't know. I don't think much has changed since '05 other than the newer VLT shells etc. but I don't know when all of the different shell types were introduced. Again, seems like a decent deal but I didn't pay much more than that for mine that was made in '09.
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