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Default Re: Educational Supplies Rant

Originally Posted by Travis22 View Post
My high school was rather big so we had 3 band classes.
my high school was not small, during my time there we averaged between 4000 and 5000 students. we had sports teams out the wazoo, all kinds of school clubs and all that stuff. my school encompassed 3 very large buildings each with several hundred rooms with an average of 30-40 kids per class. 3 gyms, a full size track field, 4 football fields, 2 baseball fields, 3 soccer fields a built in taco bell, mcdonalds and subway not to mention the school cafeteria it's not like i come from a small country town.

they had all this stuff you don't normally see in schools, at least not 20 years ago you didn't. yet they only had one small choir hall, mainly used by the small choir of 30 people and sometimes the orchestra. they had 3 different cheerleader squads but couldn't have percussion. they had school sponsored war reenactments but if you wanted to learn the sax tough, do it on your own time. it wasn't a question of money or interest of the students, plenty of students petitioned to have more music in the school. it was a question of what drove people to come to events, ticket sales for football games and all that. if the school could not make money from it, it had very little value to them. the football and basket ball teams got pretty much whatever they wanted but ask for stand up bass for the orchestra, nope, it would cost too much to re outfit the class to accommodate another instrument.

my senior year we tried to put together a battle of the bands and were shot down by the school because it wasn't a valid use of the school auditorium and would cost to much to run a show like that for "no profit". 3 months later the school the town over 1/4 the size of my school did that same thing, ended up taking over 2 months to go threw the entire thing, had 60 bands sign up for it and sold out every show they had and was only open to students of that school. what would ours have been like?

schools are required to have a music program but nothing says what it has to be, there is no emphasis on quality or size or curriculum or budget, just that it has to be there. so the students get stuck with accepting what's there . if you have the opportunity to play and instrument your interested in and the school supplies it, you are damn lucky even if it's a crap kit with home made cymbals and left over chop sticks from chinese day in the cafeteria. i would have killed to be able to play drums in school, instead i took on an under the table job when i was 14 to buy a violin and cello for school. learned guitar from my brother and my sister's boyfriend, learned bass from the guy across the street, could never afford a kit to learn drums.

so yeah i say consider yourself very very lucky to have what you have, at least you have something.
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