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I know this is an old thread, but it's still on here, so here it goes.

Here a few of the "other" percussion instruments I have accumulataed over the years.

This is four sets of Water Buffalo bells. The hardest part of acquiring them was to get the water buffalos to hold still so I could get them off :-).

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This is an accumulation of some of my non drum kit percussion ranging from dumbek (far left) to congas, bongos, concert toms, timbalis, various wood blocks, etc. I've used most of them in pit orchestra work (got tired of trying to borrow them). The concert toms are quite old and the next to largest is actually a 9-1/2". It needed a new head and I had to have one custom made by Remo. No one believed that this was the actual size untill I took it to find a head. I acquired these and all of the Ludwig drums from my retired college band director before he passed away.

One of the fun things about these is that none of the stands come out of my three drum sets so they don't interfere with the set up of any of them.

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