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Default Re: Educational Supplies Rant

CHS, are you from a smaller school? While in college I worked as a percussion instructor for a small local school and it was kind of the same story there. I was able to talk the director into buying new heads for all the drums and a couple new cymbals of professional quality to help the group at least sound better. Maybe ask the director about new heads for the kit if that's the one you have to play. Or, if you have one of your own, perhaps just take yours for the shows and use theirs for the every day rehersals.

I am kinda saddened by some of the replys. No marching band or drum corps in highschool? That would have totally sucked. My highschool was rather big so we had 3 band classes. When it came to marching band all 3 would become one group on the field which made for a rather cool performance considering we had just shy of 300 people. My directors also treated marching band like any other sport. If you were failing 2 or more classes you couldn't perform. Our drumline was so big that we actually had to tryout to be on the field, otherwise you were put in the pit where sometimes you didn't even get to play anything.
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