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Default Educational Supplies Rant

I've said plenty of times I've joined my high school's marching band, but just in case you didn't get the memo, here it is.

This year, there are about five or so people in the battery. Five. That's two snares, a quints player, and two basses. This is puny. Embarrassingly small. So, my caption head and director have decided that the only thing battery will be used for is each section's respective feature. Then, we'll play during the percussion feature.

Did I mention that while we're not doing this, we're being part of the pit? Now, hold on, this is relevant to drumming, in a distant way. Within pit, I called the drummer's chair for all pieces when I'm not in battery. Here's a list of what the kit has right now, brought together from what the school has:
  • 1 Five-piece Pearl Forum, Bonham set-up
  • 1 Pearl brass piccolo snare
  • 1 Very low-end Pearl bass pedal
  • 1 Equally low-end Pearl hit-hat stand
  • 1 Zildjian ZBT Medium Ride
  • 1 pair of ZBT Plus hi-hats
  • 1 Verve 16" Handmade crash
  • 1 Ludwig Cymbal stand from the sixties
  • 1 Very, very old Pearl stand

One of the floor toms on the kit is actually a Ludwig. All drums have coated Ambassadors on them that are over three years old, clears on bottom that are about the same age. The throne's clamp isn't ever as tight as it needs to be, so I have to periodically re-set it to the right height. The wrap is actively coming off the drums, and the bottom hi-hat has gum wrappers glued/adhered to it. Both of the ZBT's sounds I cannot stand, and both are very heavily fully corroding into a lovely diarrhea color.

Tell me, fellow americans, how did the arts become this bad in public education?
"At the end of the day you just draw pretty pictures on a field and play some rimp ska dimps."
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