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Default Re: Tactful corrections of band members

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
To me, this is a huge, HUGE issue that a lot of bands seem to overlook. It is a sensibility that comes with many hours of playing in bands, playing with other people, and being comfortable with your instrument.

To be able to mesh your voice into the music rather than simply overlay it, comes with a lot of experience IMO.

Agreed. Some people will never get it - it's not all about them, it's about the music.

Polyanna, if you think your guitarist won't listen to you because you are a "mere drummer," you need to re-evalute the friendship. Whether you're in a foxhole, band or sports team, if anyone's thoughts are considered less valid, then you really don't have a friendship. It's just a business relationship with some people exerting their will over others. Nothing wrong with that - some of the best music ever made has been under a composer telling everyone else exactly what to do - but I personally want others to tell me how I can improve the music and vice-versa. Is that what you want? I think so, because you feel the music suffers when one person runs free and unchecked. Music is a form of communication that, in many bands, requires speaking and free exchange of ideas.
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