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Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
It seems we have a number of artists here, a few cartoonists, and there are plenty of graphic designers. Do you feel much connection between your art and music? In what way? Do insights that you have in one arena impact on the other?
I aso do visual art (painting, photography and digital) and write fiction in addition to my musical activities. Because it's me (lol), I'm exploring the same kinds of ideas in all of them, they have the same "aesthetic" . . . I'm doubtful that the connection is more significant than that, though. It's just because of the way that I think about things, the kinds of things I'm interested in. What tends to be more different is my non-fiction writing, although there are still some commonalities, they're just more subtle.

I wouldn't say that ""Art guys often understand music far better than musicians" though (and I'd also translate that to, "Visual artists understand music better than musical artists"--musicians are artists, too).
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