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On the other hand, I saw him play in London with his band and I've never been so bored at a live gig in my life. Easily the worst "drum" gig I've ever seen. It's sort of like watching a well-programmed sequencer do its thing. Impressive for a while, but after a while it just becomes a constant barrage totally lacking in tension and release. And since he now plays pretty much exclusively fusion I have to sit there listening to music that sounds like it belongs in a lift or a porn movie in order to watch him do his thing.

Stunning, but simultaneously underwhelming. How do you communicate that? I find it's kind of like the opposite of inspiration. Watching Dave Weckl strips me of my motivation to practice, very rapidly. Which is odd, considering almost every other drummer I see inspires me in some way or another.[/quote]
Well i can understand being bored with him. I don't though, but i can see where you're comin from. But I just can't see him being very predictable. His band is like a modern orchestra, i love it. The music is so well thought and well laid out. I love sittin back and watchin his performance at the drummers collective. But we both have our opinions.
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