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Originally Posted by BeatlesFan View Post
You're also forgetting that Ringo was an established drummer in Liverpool before he joined The Beatles. People/Haters ignorantly seem to think he was just a random unknown drummer who got lucky. He was in Rory Storm + The Hurricanes which was the top band in Liverpool before The Beatles made it big.
Where did I say he came from no where? Just because I didn't type out Ringo's life story doesn't mean I forgot anything. Yesh. Obviously, he came from somewhere.

Originally Posted by BuddyBeaufordGaddNeil View Post
Good point dude. Any idiot knows Ringo is technically not a very good drummer at all
I never stated nor implied any such statement.

Now I know I've always stayed out of Ringo threads in the past, one little comment gets people way over reacting!!!
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