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Default Re: Tactful corrections of band members

Originally Posted by theindian View Post
I'm in a similar situation w/ a vocalist in an original side project (not the main money band) . I have tried to be subtle but that really hasn't worked so far. I think I am just going to be honest without being rude & it he has a problem then its time I move on. So, thats my advice be completley honest yet civil.
Indian, when you have that talk could you pass on the results here, by any chance? I think it would be useful to more members than just me (nice band bio BTW haha).

Thing is, he's a lovely guy and a good friend so I don't want any of us to leave (unless he leaves without upset) .... so I don't want to create a situation that brings things to a head, although the honest and upfront approach has its appeal - but it's risky. I'm hoping for a back door method that subtly leads him to being more of a team player, preferably with him feeling it's his own idea. Not easy to fool someone who works as a scientist.

We've been working on a quiet version of the group because the majority of the non-rock gigs around here these days are eateries. I used the word "unplugged" as shorthand and suddenly this week he sounds excited, asking if we're going to be truly unplugged and, if so, suggesting that he "would play only piano, harpsichord etc on the keyboard or even ditch that and play acoustic guitar, whistles, mouth harp or washboard".

HARPSI-EFFIN-CHORD?? Washboard? A percussion instrument - with his timing? It looks like his folky leanings are trying to come out. I replied that the aim is just to get our current songs tight ASAP so we can hunt for decent gigs.

It's very much looking like the only answer is for me to look around for a second band *sigh* ... pity, it's been such a treat to play with a top-notch vocalist after so many years dealing with ordinary singers ...
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