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Default Re: My Tamburo Original stave set(s)

Thanks everybody for the kind words.

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
Holy cow, what a gorgeous set. I love stave drums - a very ancient way of making drums and the sound is beautiful.
Hi DMC, I was quite surprised not to hear from you since you are a lover of "unusual" drum making (and definitely an expert in the same field!).

lovely kit! interesting sizes, Looks like it'd be a blast to play!

more pics please. :)

Believe me, it is a real pleasure to play that kit: easy to tune, almost unlimited tuning range, can be played with very low physical effort: I love it (most of the time ...).

Concerning the pics, well, I don't have that many pictures of the kit, but hereinafter some further ones. By the way: did anybody notice who is on TV in one of the previous pictures? Exactly, Marilyn and Yves Montand! And you were looking at the drums! No comment ...

Something else: it is now confirmed that Tullio Granatello is re-issuing the former Tamburo Original with new (beautiful) hardware and some other improvements under his new brand, Volume Drums ( These drumsets - for the ones who would like to buy one - will therefore no longer be produced by Tamburo (but Tamburo will further offer the other stave model conceived by Tullio, i.e. the Opera).

Thanks everybody once again!
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My Tamburo Original stave kit(s):
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