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Default Re: Tactful corrections of band members

Cheers Brew, I wasn't sure what you meant beforehand and couldn't work out why you seemed to be defending the flamenco guitar style in v2, which I was happy about.

While you might have thought I was mistaking a harpsi patch for guitar, when you talked about the timing being ok I was wondering if you had cloth ears - lol. Guess we should have more faith in each other's aural acuity :) Not always easy over the net, eh?

I know our "harsichordist" is groping for lines that might work, but his conception is off this time IMO. He seems to be going for a fragile "blown about" feel to go with the wind theme of the song, whereas something washier would "talk" the the ride cymbal swells and be forgiving with timing.

But if I satirised him with my playing he'd pick it up straight away and I doubt he'd be thrilled. Also the bass & guitar guys are far too nice to do that. We're a nice band, which is good in many ways way but a bit more rough 'n' tumble a la Barney's [sic] comment about wimpiness wouldn't go astray. Great for clearing the air at times. Too much nice and stuff builds up ...

This is a solid suggestion ... "when one of us is playing something that you strongly feel does not work, I want you to say something about it, so at the very least, we can talk about it, explore what we each feel does and doesn't work about it, why we each feel it's either important to play that or try something else, etc" because it's true.

I'd be more than happy if everyone in the group put their ears to my cause.


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PS- ...talking of sqeaky, the 1 in the 10 looks like a sex-toy, btw.
No sh**, Sherlock? *grin*

... and Brew, I see no place for plastic harpsichord or alto sax in that track!
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