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Default Re: Tactful corrections of band members

Ah--duh! I didn't even realize you were talking about a keyboardist and not a guitarist until this morning. I don't know why I thought you were talking about a guitarist. I just listened to the samples with a crappy pair of computer speakers yesterday and didn't even know what you were talking about with the harpsichord comment--I couldn't hear that with my computer speakers at the volume I listened to it yesterday, I'm not sure why, it just seems that the harpsichord part was missing (maybe something weird about the frequency response of the speakers). I thought you were just saying that the other guitar part sounded like a harpsichord to you, lol. That's also why that one section sounded like dead space to me--the harpsichord was gone, so there was just nothing in that space.

So I just listened with a good pair of headphones now. Yeah, the harpsichord part definitely doesn't work for me, and he's having lots of problems trying to play the lines he was attempting. Aside from the timing problems, the worst part, imo, was when he stopped doing the arpeggiated eighth-note based stuff and just played chords on " 2+ 4 | 2+ 4" . . . that was super-cheesy and not in a good way.

Another idea--I don't know the keyboard player's tastes, but how about when he starts doing something like that, everybody changes modes and almost mockingly cacks along with him?--play similar lines, lots of timing gaffes, etc. Is that something he'd think sounds bad? If so, that might be a way to get him to try something else instead. Say, "Hey, I just thought it went with what you were playing". Of course, that might just piss him off and make him not want to participate any longer, too . . . which might not be a band thing, but he probably wouldn't still be friendly in a situation like that. Also, a more "risky" possibility there, depending on one's outlook, is that he'd dig it and it would turn the song into something very different--but that can be a good thing, too.

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