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Default Re: Tactful corrections of band members

Thanks for the latest gems of wisdom, gents :)

1. Larry, you have a way about you where you can get away with saying things that others can't. I can get away with things up to a point but there's no way I'd get away with Larry-esque brutal bluntness.

2. I certainly would NOT send that clip of the ex-Braindrill guy to our bass player. He is a friend and I'm not in the business of making my friends suffer :)

3. Brew, I agree. I was stoked with the flamenco-ish guitar in the unplugged (second) version. Yep, in the first version there's my ambient piece dubbed over the top (this is the ambient piece). I slowed it down, lay it over the top and voila! Total fluke ...

I feel the noodling harpsichord in the second version detracts rather than adds, but I agree that it is probably a matter of taste. I also suspect that he can't imagine getting another chance to use the harpsichord sound on the keyboard lol. I remember my period playing keys - you look for excuses to use different voices. He's been itching to use the occasionally-lifelike alto sax sound on the keyboard too ... lol ... *shudder*

4. Andy, you're a sly one ... fake a "My Playing" entry, eh? I reckon there'd be three comments ... you, Larry and Abe lol.

Brew's a renegade and I can't be sure he'd play ball :)

The danger is ... what if most decide the biggest problem is the drummer? lol
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