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Default Re: Tactful corrections of band members

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
I'm not crazy, am I?? The ambient sound in the first ending is about 100x better than the dinky harpsichord in the second ending, yes???

I need some objective ears to say, yes Polly you are not mad and your ears aren't playing tricks on you.
Yes, ending 1 is a ton better than ending 2 (even if the harpsichord bit was well played).

And that brings about a slightly sneaky idea. How about posting a selection of band recordings featuring the playing crimes you describe, but under the guise of inviting critique on your drumming prowess. We, of course, will do our duty and offer our thoughts on your drumming, but also make balanced observations from a rhythm section perspective. You can select the best, then copy them out & hand them around in your next band meeting. Of course, to show it's not a stitch up, we'll have to pull you apart too. But hey, you can take it on the chin, and unconditionally offer to up your game, like the accepting egoless band hero you are!

Cool plan huh? But can you take it, even if we're only commenting for the sake of pseudo balance?

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