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Default Re: Tactful corrections of band members

Thanks for the salutary tale and wise words, Santi. I'm hearing you.

(BTW, thanks to all for pitching in).

Wow, a dodgy drummer trying to play Genesis. Do you feel the f/ship is retrievable in the future?

Originally Posted by SantiBanks View Post
If the band is just to make fun and do nothing serious, then I would suggest really leaving it for what it's worth, don't have expectations and just have fun togheter. If it's serious then really get rid of him (but that will cost you a friendship, unless you are VERY diplomatically skilled or if he just sees the light and understands that he needs to work hard himself to get somewhere and leaves by himself).
We're not serious - the main ambition we have is to have fun and please our ears and those of others. If I aurally squint enough I can ignore his messier moments (most of the time) and we usually have a lot of fun. If we were serious I think he'd jump rather than wait to be pushed.

Our singer is excellent and he's more pained about it than I am, but then again Mr X is more my and the bassist's friend than his. Meanwhile the singer would be my best friend in the world so I'm caught right in the middle between two of my best pals. Haha it sounds like a daytime soap :)

There is a risk that our singer will jump if a better band makes the offer because of the situation. If he did I wouldn't blame him.

Come to think of it, when we did a demo in May this year Mr X really lifted his game and tidied up his lines. So he must be able to hear it. It's like he treats band practices like his lab, where he conducts experiments while the rest of us are trying to get things right. He should be doing most of his experimenting at home and bringing the results to the group effort IMO

I wouldn't mind if more of the experiments weren't fizzers ...
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