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Default Re: Tactful corrections of band members

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
First off, I'm loving these wide open spaces some of your tune have, Pol. I'd love to jam with some cymbals and rods on that track! Nice.
And, no you're not crazy. The difference between the two is obvious and he's just the way you described him.
Phew! Thanks Abe. Sometimes my grip on reality is tenuous :) not unusual that something I thought was totally obvious turns out to be wrong.

Yeah, I love playing that song - until the end my drumming is all just textures - space, cymbal washes and faux timpani BRRRRR rolls with mallets. As a matter of interest, what would you be getting up to with rods in the song?

But, like I said, if I was in his situation I'd be happily ripping off the ambient lines and I find his approach hard to fathom. I'm guessing that it's because he's keen on folk music and early guitar blues, which often has no percussion at all. We have very different musical mindsets.
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