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Default Re: Tactful corrections of band members

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post

In another, a highly ethereal tune, he chose a staccato voice which he plays out of time.

Last Thurs I suggested he play a washy, legato sound and he said no, it would be too muddy with the other instruments. This is after I'd sent around a copy of the tune we played a couple of weeks ago while he was on hols, where I dubbed an old ambient piece I did decades ago over the end passage ... and it (flukily) sounded spot on. I didn't say "We should do it like this", which would have been uncool, but "Hey, listen to how this turned out - amazed!" (which I was).

If I was in his shoes I would have gone "Cool! I'm stealing that!".

I have attached the ending of that version plus last week's one - in one 2-minute file - so you can see where I'm coming from (bear in mind that in the 2nd version I was using a 10" djembe as a faux timpani as opposed to my usual 12 x 5" tom haha).

I'm not crazy, am I?? The ambient sound in the first ending is about 100x better than the dinky harpsichord in the second ending, yes???
First off, I'm loving these wide open spaces some of your tune have, Pol. I'd love to jam with some cymbals and rods on that track! Nice.
And, no you're not crazy. The difference between the two is obvious and he's just the way you described him.
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