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Default Re: Tactful corrections of band members

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Has anyone found a way of diplomatically dealing with this situation - or can think of something?
Pol, I think some things in this world just aren't fixable or have politically acceptable solutions.

You can't really fix insecurity, lack of maturity, lack of taste, listening skills or the lack of sheer playing skills.

Constant overplaying is a sure sign lack of maturity, listening skills, cluttered playing and sloppiness is lack of musicianship skills.

The core issue really is, does HE realize what he's doing?
If he does and is secretly hoping no one notices or is mean enough to point it out, you might have a small chance of improvement. Heck, I've been in situations where I'm way out of my league and in over my head and have sounded like the musical equivalent of a jackass. Good thing was I did realize I was being one though, soon afterwards.

If he doesn't, then I'm afraid its a lost cause, and you might as well grit your teeth and enjoy his friendship.

Great story about 'overdoing it'...

Halfway through the recording of 'Thriller' the Sony Music execs realized they were sitting on a gold mine and started to ride Quincy Jones about the arrangements.
When one of them asked him why there was " all this empty space" in the opening groove of Billie Jean, Quincy replied " I'm leaving a little room for God" .

How's that for diplomacy?

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