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Default Re: Tactful corrections of band members

Thanks guys interesting replies.

Brew, yes, I think he is looking to be "more sophisticated" in his playing. This would be fine if he could execute accurately, but he can't.

I think this is because, as CHS pointed out, he doesn't "get" groove. He is a highly intelligent, cerebral guy and I think it's all in his head and not in his body. I almost never see him tapping his foot or swaying as he plays. I might pursue the idea of groove with the band more (another treble player in the group could do with this as well).

Funny thing, how some musicians think that placement of notes is simply a matter of putting them in more-or-less the right place. If they try to play things that stretch them then all they will do is place the notes rather than really play them

PFOG, he is an old friend and |'m not inclined to chop off his fingers (yet).

Hercules, the listen back session is food for thought ...
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