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Default Re: Tactful corrections of band members

Good luck with trying to change the way a person plays, it's as deeply ingrained as their personality. If he got huffy in the past, he'll probably get huffy in the future. Which is OK as long as he changes. I have no real advice to offer except approach it honestly. Something like, "we are all in agreement that there are things that you play that do not work with this band. We really need you to change them, because it's causing problems. Do you think you are able to do that?"

Let it be on him to say he if can or can't. If he says he can, that's when you stop the song when he reverts back to his old ways and call him on it. He will either change or quit. If he stays the same, then you have the option to say, "but you said you could do this.." Make him agree to it and hold him to it.
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