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Well, I think dave weckl has the most musical phrasing on the planet.

I believe all of u see the weckl-gadd-colaiuta trading 4 videos.

it is obvious that steve gadd is the most "uniformed marching" style, most "predictable". U can easily memorize and hum out what gadd plays.

Vinnie colaiuta in between, more fluid than gadd, but still remains a bit of a "roll down the toms and a crash" feel when he solos.

But with dave weckl, it's all groupings of notes, displacements, when u hear at the first time u can even think of it kinda like a "free solo", but it just stays in the beat.

Well, Dave is not only about this video, through all things i ve witnessed him do, his phrasing "moving a tune without disturbing the melody" is the most advanced!
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