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Default Re: auditon horror stories

Nice story jon e rotten
Originally Posted by jon e rotten View Post
Then they ask if I smoke weed. Not sure how to answer i say 'rarely'. Wrong answer. Someone yells "what are you some kinda f*cking cop", and they suddenly seem really put off with me.
There were a couple bands I wasn't in for very long because of that--I'm not at all a partier. I don't do any drugs (I experimented with them when I was a kid but didn't really care for them), and I typically won't drink more than one beer or glass of wine with dinner or something . . . and even with that, it can be months between drinks. I don't have anything against other folks doing whatever they like to do as long as they can play the gig alright, but some people have seemed uncomfortable with me not partying.

Luckily, some haven't cared, too.

When I've been on the road, I've typically tried to go to sleep as soon after the gig as possible, so if the schedule permits it, I can wake up early and do some sightseeing. I've been in situations where I've been able to take a band vehicle and go sightseeing for half the day--when i got back to the hotel/band house/etc., the rest of the guys would still be sleeping, since they were up partying until 5 in the morning or whatever.
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