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Default Re: Donny Gruendler here!

Hey Toza,
You are quite welcome! I am really glad that my exercises helped your playing. Many more of those exercises from the Firth site have been re-recorded and released in full-form (and in greater detail) @ Hudson Music. The series is called Private Lessons and it is a Digi-download.

In addition -- and once you have worked through all the Time, sound and Form stuff - I suggest that you make some practice playlists on your iPod. Make each playlist by "groove family" -- and from slow to fast - for example:

Playlist 1: One-Handed 16th Grooves:
Song 1 - 65 bpm
Song 2 =- 82 bpm

Other groove families include:
One-Handed 16th
Two-Handed 16th
Syncopated Hi-Hat (1-+ah etc..)
BD on 1&3
8th note grooves/8th BD
8th note grooves/16th BD
Blues Shuffles
Rock Shuffles
Halftime Shuffles
6/8 and 12/8 grooves
2-beat Rock
Medium Rock
Uptempo Rock
Reggae One-Drops
** there are many more - make your own...

This will take some time to compile; but once you do -- you will have the ultimate organized groove practicing tool. This will help you to stay organized, focused and accomplish clear groove goals from your practice routine. Especially as you may get burnt out on practicing exercises w/ the click.

So together: the click and the iPod can really work - if utilized correctly.

Greetings from Los Angeles,
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