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Default Re: auditon horror stories

The most frustrating auditions that I've done have been the ones where I feel like I'm playing fine, the music is a good fit for me, I seem to be meshing with folks okay personality-wise, they take the time to run through at least a few songs with me (which should be a good sign--if they thought you sucked or there was no way you'd fit the band because of personality, age, look, etc., they wouldn't bother with that), but then they just don't say much either way while you're packing up and you never hear from them again. It helps to at least know what they weren't satisfied with.

For being the one holding the audition instead, I don't have any unusual stories, disappointingly--I've heard plenty of doozies from other people. The worst ones were pretty much folks who just couldn't play or sing, folks who just didn't listen to what anyone else was playing (and sometimes mostly soloed on top of everything--some guitarists seem particularly prone to that), and folks who obviously had substance problems or just seemed like they would be very unreliable.

I agree with the philosophy that at least half of the job is simply being professional, showing up on time, being prepared, being personable, dependable, etc.--who wouldn't pick a player who had that stuff down pat but was only, say, half as good as a player who you have to worry if they'll even show up to the gig, or someone who is going to be impossible to get along with? But it's amazing the number of people who have problems with that stuff. Oh well, that gives the rest of us an advantage.
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