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Default Re: auditon horror stories

I think the year was '88. The band I had been playing in had broken up and I was kind of floating around looking for something. Somehow I get this audition for a 'metal' band. I pull up to the address I had been given and it's pure southern Illinois gold. Sofas on the front porch, various junked cars and lawn mowers in the yard. I hop out of my truck and look around for someone, but no ones around. A mail man walks up and we start talking.
I don't remember the conversation, but I end up saying something insulting about the state of the house, and naturally it ends up being his house and he's the lead singer in the band.
Strike One.

We go in and hang out until the rest of the band shows up. Finally everyone shows up and it's clear I'm at least 10 to 20 years younger than everone else, and while I'm not exactly super model material, this is one motley crew. We load all our gear down to the basement and set up. I'm in one room, the bassist and guitar player are in another, and the singers (yes the mailman's wife is also in the band) are in the hall.

We start playing Zeplin covers, and what do you know, this guy has an incredible voice. We jam for about an hour and things seem to be going pretty good. Then they ask if I smoke weed. Not sure how to answer i say 'rarely'. Wrong answer. Someone yells "what are you some kinda f*cking cop", and they suddenly seem really put off with me.
Strike Two

Jamming over, we head back upstairs and begin discussing what they expect in a band member. First, no blue jeans on stage we only wear spandex. They give me one of their posters to look at and I start laughing.
Strike Three

Somehow I didn't get the job.....can't figure it out.
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