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Default Re: auditon horror stories

i would agree some blind auditions are a waste of time but this wasn't really about the audition process or how people went about it. and i can honestly say with out blind auditions a lot of talented musicians with no means to make recording or myspace and facebook pages would never get a chance to play with anybody. not everybody can afford to go out and get recording equipment to make a decent recording or own a computer to get a myspace/facebook page or have the ability to even create the codes to make it decent so your logic is somewhat flawed there...

but again this this thread wasn't about debating that issue. the audition itself can go good, bad, great, horrific and sometimes in retrospect is often humorous. that's what this was about, the experience.

and in my experiences, one blind audition led to a 4 year old child i'm very proud of so i don't really think their all a waste of time...

ok, so i got an ex i'd like to light on fire and put out with a pitch fork too, but again not the point.....

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