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Default Re: auditon horror stories

ok i got a quick one before i leave work...

i went to an audition for an 80's rock cover band, little break away side thing from my normal growling and screeching. i show up with my mic bag and a little p.a. and a few toys ready to belt out some ozzy and alice cooper. walk into the room and almost get floored by the smell. i was kinda expecting older rocker types, i stumble into hippie heven!
i swear it smelled like those dudes didn't take a bath for 20 years and painted on the old spice concentrate to cover it up. between the almost gagging from b.o. and my eye's and throat burning from the alcohol mist so thick i thought the room would spontaniously combust i got out a little "what the F*CK is that smell?!?!?!"

ok so it was more like a yelled it really loudly.......

needless to say i didn't get the part......
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