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Default Re: auditon horror stories

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Definitely not the worst, but it was just last night. I was the one being auditioned.
I don't know I guess I have too many opinions about the way people conduct themselves in regards to music.
Before the audition, in the emails and phone conversations, all the songs and bands that the leader mentioned were all right in line with my comfort zone.

When I get there, (the place was lit by one light bulb about 1 foot off the ground) we play probably 90% of their original stuff, which of course I never heard before. Minimal cueing, everybody just staring at their instruments, the leader just noodling on his leads for way too long for an audition in my mind...If the songs were really pro sounding and fully formed, I could have followed better, but since I had mimimal help, and the songs were half baked, played by guys whose level of musicianship was below what I'm used to, I just kept as solid time as I could and tried to feel the changes.

Is it just me, do I have too high expectations? If I was auditioning someone, I would tell them all about the song we are about to do, what style, how fast, and any other pertinent info about it. I got nothing, no title, no style...The bass player wasn't playing real bass lines, they were more like a hybrid of guitar parts and bad bass lines...I just can find so many things wrong that I think it must be me.
Your expectations aren't too high if your dealing with professional musicians. It doesn't sound like these guys were there yet. My group will ask a prospective player to furnish a recording or YouTube video of their playing prior to getting together. That saves a lot of wasted time. If I were auditioning for a band I would expect to hear a sample of their playing unless the band is already well known. If they're not, then the audition goes both ways.
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