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Default auditon horror stories

kbadd's post about canning band mates got me thinking. tons of stories for bad sacks but i can think of thousands more for bad auditions. you know the one's i'm talking about. the "pros" that show up drunk, can't tune, can't hold a beat, yeah those guys.

here's my all time favorite which seems apropriate he was a drummer and this is a drummer forum. dude emails us of a craigslist ad and sends me this essay of a letter about how pro he and all his pro gear and how good he is and why we should hire him, no sound clips, no websites. he shows up and we b.s. for a while and he pretty much repeats everything in the email. we tell him to go ahead and bring his stuff in and set up. we go outside and smoke while he's doing his thing, come back in and sitting before us is his "pro gear"...

i kid you not....

first act "now in adult sizes!" drum kit, seriously! still has the first act reso on the bass drum. his cymbals i swear looked like he made them himself out of tin foil and sounded like it too. we just kinda shook our heads at this, i know not everybody can afford real nice equipment and you make do with what you got so we over look this small little fact and tell him to start laying down some beats for us and we'll jump in and jam a little. then the real fun starts...

"well i gotta go get stoned first, i gotta be pretty high to really play good.........."




so, whats the worst audition you've had the misfortune of being part of?
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