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Default Re: Gregg Bissonette

Originally Posted by Zickosdrummer View Post
I just finished reading the whole thread about Greg Bissonette. The reason I did so is that he is doing a clinic here on Aug. 21 and I wanted more info about him. I am definately going, especially after reading all of this. The clinic starts at 5:00pm at the Norman Institute for the Performing Arts, 2795-B Broce Dr., Norman, Okla. There phone no. is 405/292-8400 for more details. Tickets are $10 and are on sale now. I hope it's OK for me to post this. If not, please just deleet it and chalk it up to my ignorance.
It was avery good in depth article. I have read every article I could about Gregg (favorite drummer/friend) and this was the best I have seen. It even went back to the DLR audition. I was lucky enough to have my girlfriend surprise me on my b-day two months by inviting Gregg to come for a BBQ the night before he left for Ringo auditions. I had my best friend and his son (drummer) out from Tenn. Gregg autographed his Mag and a drumhead and he wrote out the "Hot dog and a Shake" solo part on the drumhead. That was the tune Gregg learned for his DLR audition.....................anyway............ great guy, drummer and puts on a great clinic. Check out his wide variety of styles he has played w/different artists when you can.

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