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Default My Reunion gig

Hey Crew,

Just got back in last night from Columbus, Ohio for my 35th Reunion.

As I posted here before, this was the 1st band for my class reunion- all the others had lame-ass DJ's that played rediculous off-era stuff.

Well, despite all the roller-coasters, give-and-takes, and all the challenges, it came off pretty damn well after just the 4 rehearsals that time allowed us!
The reunion class attendance was at a record high for the reunion, the classmates cheered the band on mightily, and we set a serious milestone. I even spent some "special time" with some of the attending classmate chicks that wouldn't even look at me twice back in High School.
Yeah, life is good...

I videotaped the 2 hour gig, and will be editing and burning it onto DVD's for the class to purchase later. (maybe recoup some of my 2K+ in expenses)

One downer- NEVER use "" for ANY travel- they screwed me for over $500, and I found out later that they are a scam outfit. (just Google "Expedia sucks" and see how many websites come up!)

C. P.
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