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Default Re: Canning a guitar player

i've got all kinds of horror stories about firing people, not just singers or guitarists either.

i've been in the same band now for 18 years, same name, roughly same group of people. so about a year ago we needed a singer, since i'm the jack of all trades i step up and start doing vocals and hired a guirtarist to replace me. phenominal guitarist, did nothing but play hour after hour, day after day. younger kid about 19 or so. so he comes down and auditions, gets the spot, 2 months go by and i start noticing the rest of the guys aren't taking him seriously and blowing off pretty much everything he says. so i ask the other guitarist whats up, he tells me when i'mnot around this kid is talking like he owns the band, it's HIS band, he's the leader and everybody needs to do what he says.

now, we don't have a leader, nobody is the boss. everything is put to a vote with us and generally they all look to me since the studio is mine and the vast majority of the equipment is mine but i'm not the leader and i'll never claim to be. it's all run very democraticly.

this don't set well with everybody, especially when he starts talking about firing the bassist who's been with us for 12 years. then talks about firing the drummer who created the band with me 18 years ago. all along not a word gets said to me about whats going on when i'm not there.

best part of this, after a week of hearing all different kinds of stories about what he's saying i fire him, tell him it's not working out and he argues with me. your fired, no i'm not your fired, dude you can't fire me cuz everybody sent me to fire you, well i'm not leaving, really? well it's my studio so i guess that means your trespassing. it almost made me laugh. so we finally get him to leave, and for 2 weeks he keeps calling us wanting to hang out and whatever, never call him backa nd he eventually stops calling. couple months after that about 10pm i get a call from a friend of mine telling me my band is playing this bar playing our songs and not a single one of us is in the band, just a bunch of strange kids he's never seen before...

guess who? yep, i show up at the bar an hour later to see this kid playing the songs we tuaght him, using our name. he went and found 4 other kids, tuaght them the songs and started using our name.

this has gotten longer then i intended so i'll leave it at by the end of the night my knuckles were bloody and he won't be using our name or songs again...

and i didn't even make it to the drummer i fired then dated then had a kid with and can't get rid of now.....
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