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Ok, I take it back. Joops is obviously the well spoken one here, and Bernhard really is a classless fool for stating HIS opinion on HIS own website.

For the record, terms like "dull" "uninspiring" and "boring" are RELATIVE to the other drummers of the world. Notice I didn't say he "sucks", "can't play", "has no rhythm". Shall we keep the discourse thoughtful and meaningful instead of cursing and throwing around challenges?

What does Travis Barker's ability have to do with my ability again? Last time I checked, Roger Ebert is a movie critic with no acting credentials.

I get paid to play and teach drums. That makes me a professional too. I am famous: famous for ripping Sabian B8 cymbals and people's overreaching praise for ok drummers like Travis Barker ;-)

So instead of focusing on me, why don't you persuade me otherwise that Barker isn't an average drummer?

(i am placing an editorial bit in here Joop so i know you will read it: no swearing on this forum. one warning only - NUTHA JASON)

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