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Default Re: Canning a guitar player

Originally Posted by ccsimms View Post
Once canned a metalhead who thought it'd be kewl to play distorted 80's rock in a backyard blues BBQ setting.........
Some people have no sense of what's musically appropriate it seems.

I never fired a guitarist (I fired a soundman once though) but recently, I made a guitar player realize he wasn't right for a band and he left on his own accord.

Last week I was auditioning for a blues band, along with a guitar player. Nice guy, good player, but he played rock licks to every song. He is old enough to know better. The leader called "The Thrill is Gone" and I said, "Cool. Let's not play it too happy though, it's a somber song" Agreements all around.

Lip service on his part, he was doing all this over the top stuff, bended trills, acrobatics, too much stuff, too many notes, no sense of space, too high energy, wrong feel all around.

Even though I was auditioning, I spotlighted the fact that he was playing leads of the wrong genre. He asked if that would bother me and I said umm yes it would. (I can't lie when it comes to music)

I then said it would be the equivalent of me playing a prog drum part to a blues song. He didn't like that too much.

He tried to defend himself saying that that's how he felt it, and this is how he plays.

On the ride home, he told the leader that he didn't feel he was right for the band. I agree completely.

The leader got a new BLUES guitar player that will audition this coming Friday.

Sorry but I'm not gonna lie and be easygoing when I know things are just wrong.
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