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Default Re: Canning a guitar player

I had the cream of the crop I was playing with a few years back. The guy was at least 5-6 years older than all of us, but yet acted as if he was still in middleschool. He would constantly come up with stupid excuses of why he couldn't make practice. Things like:

"My wiper blades don't work good enough to drive in the rain."

And my all time favorite..

"I don't have enough gas or money to put gas in my car to make it. My buddy and I drove 2 hours to another city last night to buy a new release video game...sorry."

And there's plenty of more of those. Anywho, after our first show he had another great excuse for missing the next practice. I had finally had enough and told him that we needed to take a little bit of a break until he could get his priorities straight. He said that was fine and that he could use a couple of weeks off. After that very converstaion he called the rest of the band members and told them I fired him. After hearing this, I confronted him and said he could come by and get his stuff and we were done. Instead of manning up and coming by when I was home, he waited until I was at work and broke in my house to get his stuff! I haven't seen him since that day...but I sure hope I do sometime in the future....
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