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Default Re: Canning a guitar player

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Oh dear, a "pro" who hardly plays and when he does, he's sloppy. The poor, deluded child.

I'd hate to be in his head when he finally meets reality. He sounds like a midlife crisis waiting to happen ... good move to get off the tracks before the train crash.
i feel sorry for his girlfriend. he doesn't have a job other than playing, but he isn't very good so he makes very little money. he's basically living off her.

to give you an idea of how bad he is, he introduced the aerosmith song "dream on" to the band telling us that was something he's played since he was a kid. he couldn't play it! he'd constantly screw up the intro, as well as the guitar interlude later in the song. you'd think that'd bother him and that he'd want to practice until he could play it. nope! he never worked on it and screwed it up badly at all gigs we played with him. it was such a relief to get rid of him!
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