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Default Re: Canning a guitar player

i fired our previous guitar player about a month ago. that guy was such a d-bag! he came into the band claiming to be a "pro" who knew how to play every song ever written. the fact was he could barely play anything. he could improvise ok, but he didn't really know any of the songs he claimed to know. he would always say things like "if the audience is having fun and dancing then who cares if we know the songs or not?" i didn't buy that excuse. he would never practice anything on his own and he was always trying to get out of regular scheduled band practice. he felt that as a "pro" if he wasn't getting paid then he wasn't going to do any work. just before one of our practices about a month ago he told me he wasn't coming to practice that night because we weren't gigging enough to make it worth his while. i said "fine. don't come to practice. in fact, don't ever come to practice again." he got real mad, and called me a bunch of poo poo words but i don't care. we replaced him with a much better guitarist who is a good friend of mine and things have never been better!
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