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He was as good technically on his instrument as the other three Beatles were at singing, playing guitar and piano etc.

The thing is, absolutely anyone can be good technically. It's just a matter of how much rote practice you can stand to put yourself through.

Only Ringo could have composed the incredible music he played on his drums on songs like Strawberry Fields Forever, A Day in the Life etc. Only Paul could have written Maybe I'm Amazed. Only John could have written Imagine, only George could have written While My Guitar Gently Weeps.

As musicians, collectively you all seem to be missing the point.

Your collective attitude seems to be that the more technically proficient you are and the more technically demanding your compositions are to play, the better they will sound to people's ears.

This is like saying that someone who can type 216 words per minute is going to be the greatest novelist of all time.

Or that the likes of Norman Mailer or J.R.R Tolkien wrote bad books because they could only type, say, 25 words per minute.

It's just stupid.
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