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Originally Posted by Joops
mr bernhard. i am so dissapointed and angry with you. if you wanna say something about him, say something good. dude if yo're gonna put your drummers down, why even put him on this site.
(Ok, Paula Abdul. Let me introduce my friend Simon Cowell.)

I think you miss the point entirely. Bernhard has him on the site because he is a famous and influential drummer. Drummers are famous and influential for varying reasons. Bernhard and the likes (myself and a few others) appreciate what he's accomplished, we just don't quite approve of the "logic" of the people that come in hear heaping praise after praise upon a drummer who quite frankly doesn't play very musically, or interesting to anyone not enamored by cliche, formulaic pop-culture.

Also, I think you should use some capital letters in your posts to give your points a hint of credibility.

The entire discussion forum exists to discuss anything and everything. If we all just said nice things, there would be nothing to discuss. Besides, Bernhard has supported drummers he doesn't care for on several occassions. He has the best drummer collection on the net for a reason.

The topic of 'Travis Barker' and why he gets so much praise for being a rather dull and average drummer is perfectly legit. You don't think his antics and his appearance have anything to do with his popularity and it is all his 'awesome drumming skill'?

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