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Default Re: Gene Simmons..oh dear

Gene Simmons is a business genius as long as a talented musician. How ever I don't agree with the way they went about putting Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer in Peter Criss' and Ace Frehley's make up. I also don't agree with how they have Tommy sing Ace Frehley's Shock Me or how they just started having Eric Singer singing Peter Criss' Beth. Butt from a business stand point this is what the " new kiss fans" want to see and hear.They could have either given them new make up or not worn it at all. The pyrotechnics, breathing fire, spitting blood, and the make up aren't what draws me to love kiss as passionately as I do.All of that is just an added bonus. For me it's all about the music. They have written some of the best rock and roll music that I have ever heard.......and to be honest some of the worse that I have ever heard. I read many reviews of their concerts where the reviewer will say things like the little kids are enjoying the stage show and that saddens me because I've been as kiss fan for 12 years. I first saw then when I was 7 years old. I fell in love with their music and have been listening to it every day since. Kiss is in my blood.
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