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well.....i bought a rectangle of 16 gauge steel at "tractor supply", but i brought my slave pedal base with me so i could easily tell how big of a piece i would need. when i got home i pulled out my trusty sharpie and marked off a rectangle using the slave pedal base as a template for the rough width and length, and then i marked where the holes would go by poking the sharpie through the bolt holes. my dad then went outside and cut the sheet metal with a jig-saw fitted with a metal cutting blade. it was just two quick cuts because we used the corner of the small sheet and he just followed the lines. we slid the rough edges on concrete to smooth them out because we didn't have a flat file. after that, he went to our drill press and, using the correct size metal cutting bit, drilled the holes where i put the dots.

the only real challenge to the whole project was finding the right size bolts that had the right thread pattern to fit my pedal. we took a bolt from my pedal to use as a template.

after everything, i just bolted it on, hooked it to my bass drum and slave pedal, and started playing.
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