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alright boys
here's the deal. i like travis a lot. he is my favourite drummer yeh. in fact, he's my idol. i go on most of these forums and stuff, and when the topic of travis barker comes up or something related to him, all it is is just a bunch of kids and drummers or whatever you wanna call yaselves just attacking the man. he is an extremely talented drummer. he does all kinds of stuff. he played in his school jazz bands and marching bands. he started playing by the time he was 4. he never took drumming seriously until his mum died at about 12. he got tattooed coz he didn't think he had anyone left to please so he did that and then became super into drums.

this man has played in latin, ska, jazz, reggae and "punk" bands. everyone rips him off as a punk drummer. don't call anyone a punk drummer. he is not just a punk drummer. also.
you mr bernhard. i am so dissapointed and angry with you. if you wanna say something about him, say something good. dude if yo're gonna put your drummers down, why even put him on this site. and don't go around putting down just a kid. that illbefamous guy. don't go around mocking him. that is just disgraceful.

sure trav gets stoned once in a while, smokes ciggies and drinks goes to parties and stuff. so what. just respect that. if you don't like it, then don't do it. just be real people and respect him as a person too. i try to incorporate his style and feel into everything i do and i play. this guy is a hero. he now plays all thjis hip hop stuff now. its really good to see and "punk drummer" as you call him, do other stuff. just coz he has a heap of tattoos doesn't mean that he's punk. you guys are just so blunt.
respect the man, he is talented. he isn't just the only drummer i like, i like all jazzers like buddy rich and art blakely. steve gadd too. all kinds of drummers. but theres heaps here to read'll keep you busy and stop being so mean!!! >:( haha

just play nice boys
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