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Default Re: Posting Pictures

Originally Posted by Zickosdrummer View Post
This is what I've been trying to do. It sounds so easy but nnot to a computer novice. I've tried copying a picture and clicking the insert image button to paist it in. I usually have to enable temporary posting. When I go to paist it in, the paiste function is not enabled. If I try to go through Photobucket, I can click on the img thumbnail and copy. But when it comes to inserting the image, the only thing that shows up in the post is a picture shows up surrounded by [IMG] [IMG], but it gives access to my total photobucket account. I have nothing to hide here but I don't think the members of the Drummerworld web site what to see my family, sports car, etc. How would you suggest I post pictures (in detail, please)?
This is easy if you know how. Simply go to the site or wherever and right click on the image and save it to your desktop. Then, when creating a post, click on the attachments button, click on one of the browse buttons, click on the desktop folder, and scroll down until you find the image. Then click on it and open and then you should have the picture attached to the post.

Reply if you can figure it out.
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