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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hey Todd,

My wife and I will be at the show this Wednesday at Tuachan celebrating our anniversary. We're really looking forward to the show!

When we saw you guys last time you handed my wife a stick (guess I didn't look as good as she does, lol) anyway, we're hoping to get a mate for it this time, problem is we're about 20 rows back, we were front and center before. Just kidding about the stick but if you throw real hard it will increase our odds.

My real questions is about the venue. This is a very interesting natural outdoor amphitheater set back against some red rock cliffs. I've been to several plays there but this will be the first concert for us. I'm just curious how you and the other guys in the band feel Tuachan rates against all the places you guys have played. I feel its a very interesting venue and am amazed everytime we go there. They can actually flood the stage and make it become a lake or river during the plays, just amazing to my simple mind.

Sorry if my question seems odd, its just something i've been curious about.
Remember throw the stick back 20 rows, lol.

Thanks for your time,
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