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Default Re: CZARCIE KOPYTO - best double bass pedal in the world

That is certainly a slick pedal! Aesthetically handsome and it definitely means business. If I lived in or near Poland, I would certainly get one.

As far as it being 'better' than Trick or Axis, well the whole idea of 'better' is just a dumb argument. It can only be 'different', and those differences may be better suited for certain players. 'Better' is entirely subjective in the world of drum gear, and is merely an opinion.

My opinion is that Axis is better than all other pedals.... Why? Because I have Axis pedals. Whenever people ask 'What is the best?" around here, the replies are almost always an owner saying what they own is the best. All subjective. My stuff is better than your stuff and even though I haven't actually tried the other stuff I will still say my stuff is better, because it is mine! OK, I am just teasing.... My Axis pedals aren't better. They are just different from these Czarcie Kopyto and the Trick.

(My Axis ARE better than that Pearl demondrive though... What is up with that stupid bump on the footboard? UGHH! LOL!) :)
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