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Default Re: Cutting a hole in the bass drum...How big, methods etc...

The heated can trick is fantastic!!! I did it myself and it was a charm. Just like the earlier posts said. You simply get a can, I think I used a coffee can, 5 inches in diameter. Place it on a stove burner for about two minutes. Having you bass drum head OFF THE DRUMSET and ready, you simply take the heated can off the stove with potholders or something like that and place the can onto the bass drum head where you want the hole to go. IMPORTANT: make sure your bass drum head is positioned such that the can may go all the way through, or far enough so it gets the hole separated from the head. The one time, the can didnt sever entriely, and I got a small mess. The head "hung on" to the can. So, it would need to be elevated, I put mine on( head) on top of three stacks of books situated at points on the edges. Lastly, TAKE THE DECAL OR LABEL OFF THE CAN FIRST. I guess this should have been firstly. While my can was heating up, the label began smoking creating a pure panic in my household. Alarm went off, kids freaking out, crazy.

Good luck, it really is simple, just take each step slow.
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