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Default Re: Right handed player, left footed pedal.

Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
Looks like a great idea. Not so sure i'd use it myself because i'm not so keen on the idea of the slave pedal being my primary, it just doesn't feel as good to me. Maybe it's just because it's different though.
It's not really as drastic as you'd think. There is a difference, but it just takes some getting used to and your foot will naturally adjust (at least mine did). I play mostly thrash and old school death metal and there's nothing I could play before that I can't play now.

Originally Posted by pbassdrums View Post
I'm not sure if I follow how you play either, but the title intrigued me because I'm also left footed. I can use both as I need them, but only the left is the instinctive foot - the right I have to think about what it's doing.

My kit is setup a bit differently though.. basically a left handed kit with a right bass drum and hi hat. It is open handed, ride is on the right. Toms roll down to the left thought I'm always fiddling with their placement.

When I'm using a single BD, I use a traditional right footed double bass pedal and have the BD on the right side. The left/slave pedal is the primary pedal. I use a BD->hi hat clamp (like this - it was a lot cheaper than getting a good lefty DB pedal) so I can keep pedals next to each other.
Basically, I play the kit like most other right handed drummers do. I used (actually made out of a righty pedal) the lefty pedal so I could get my toms lower.

What kind of pedal do you have? I've found that there are several pedals out there that are convertible to lefty with a little work and no added parts. Companies don't advertise this because
1. They don't want you taking their pedals apart (and it will likely void any warranty) and
2. They can charge lefties more for no real reason.
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