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Default Re: Auditioning a new band member. Do's, don'ts, horror stories?

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
We're conducting auditions for a new guitarist over the next few weeks. Much to our surprise, we've attracted some quality applicants. It's a while since I've been in this situation. Any tips or horror stories?
Andy this is in no way a judgement, but could I ask why anyone cold auditions these days? Isn't it best to go see some guitarists play some gigs, find out what people think about the ones you like, then invite them to a practice?

I've just never understood interviewing guys like this. In fact I think rock bands are the only ones who still do this open door audition stuff. Am I right? Even the classical guys will pretend to have an audition but most times will have already selected their guy weeks in advance.

Jazz and reading gigs for example are acquired almost entirely word of mouth. Again it's not a judgement, only an alien concept to me where I am curious enough to want to know more.
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